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Find all the products that will fit your hair needs, Don’t forget to click the link online store above, also please read our online Q&A on natural hair to give you a better idea what to buy for your natural hair.

We believe healthy food create healthy body in terms healthy hair too. So don’t forget to also checkout the food section while here…

6 tips for growing long natural kinky hair or simply just want to have a healthy hair

1. Shampoo, Co-Wash
A clean scalp promotes healthy hair growth so washing those
build-up, dead skin,  and other unwanted debris will be a good start.  Choose from our sulfate free shampoo and co-wash conditioner  that was choose just for your natural hair.

2. Those Ends ( without ends properly care for, no long hair)

We tend to forget the ends of our hair. They are the last part to receive moisture and product, you should apply your product for ends to tips. Always, always moisturize and seal your ends. Choose from our leave in conditioner and from shea butter to coconut cream tht was specially chose for your natural hair.

3.  Less Manipulation

As much as I love to style my hair, it can be somewhat frustrated — and I’ve found that it thrives when left alone. I do not comb or brush this tightly-curled hair daily, not even every other day. Low manipulation or like  like twists or braids, protect my hair.

4. Deep conditioning your hair
Deep condition your hair with a moisturizing deep conditioner after every wash. You can’t afford to missed this one, if you do then your hair will suffered through it.

5. Sleep with silk wrap or pillow case
Having our hair in those silk wrap not only keeping our hair from breaking of but it will keep our protective style stay longer.

6. Do not go out and spend money on u-necessity hair products
Going natural is one of the things I want to do because it is cheaper,  if you already know what your hair needs. Just buy what your hair needs… don’t buy what you think it will look good on your hair.

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